Builds marked as error and new builds no longer starting

In the conda-forge GitHub organisation we use drone for running native aarch64 builds that deploy pre-build packages to the conda-forge channel (see here for details).

Around 9 hours ago all of our builds moved into an error state and since then the webhooks from GitHub have been returning null responses and not triggering new builds.

  • Example of an "error"ed build: Drone CI
  • One of the first builds that were affected was conda-forge/editdistance-s-feedstock/7 (I can’t post a third URL due to being a new user)

Please could you take a look when possible? I guess we might have triggered some kind of anti-abuse mechanism as we were in the process of rebuilding all of our packages against Python 3.10.


Hey @chrisburr

We currently have limited resources when it comes to arm64 builds, so yesterday the server had a backlog of pending builds whilst yours were running. When they failed it would have already kicked off the next in the queue. I’m not sure why these failed but the queue has cleared so if you wish to try again today and report back if there are still issues.


Hi @eoinmcafee00,

I’ve just checked again and the problem is still there.

  • the webhook from GitHub is still being silently ignored by drone so no new builds start
  • restarting old builds results in the error “Unable to restart build: t is null”



Hi again @eoinmcafee00,

This issue is still persisting, see DO NOT MERGE: Debuging drone by chrisburr · Pull Request #78 · conda-forge/awkward-feedstock · GitHub (it should have a drone pipeline running and I see the “opened” webhook event is timing out if I check the GitHub web interface).

I’m also still unable restart pipelines using the drone interface with the Unable to restart build: t is null message (example: Drone CI).



@eoinmcafee00, do you have any other advice or suggestions for us? Things still appear not to be working.