Building without VCS

Hi all.
I have an idea for system that uses generated code to work with, but i need a place where i can actually build this generated code into go plugins. I don’t want to get go tools near running app in any way, just single application binary and nothing more, this is a paradigm of an app.
So the idea that this plugins are not premament. They’re generated from some structurized data and will be loaded and unloaded at runtime so i dont want to store version history or source files of it (they’re actuallty stored in binary serialized structs in database and used to generate those code).
I have used drone for couple of months and very like it, also i want to use it in my solution but need ability to simply build from sources and get artifacts back with some api like Google Cloud Build does (
In general something like:

  1. Push code/whatever (in zip for example)
  2. Do your pipeline stuff for it.
  3. Generate artifact.
  4. Get artifact directly in response (TCP/HTTP) or with download url.
  5. Clean up (if needed)
    Is it possible to turn drone into artifact factory with some kind of api access?
    And what you guys think about this idea? Maybe there are some existing solutions for my needs?