Building images with Harness and GKE Autopilot Cluster

I’m trying to use the build module of Harness, and when I try to build an image, I get the below error.

Found possible error on line 4.
 Log: signal: killed
 Possible error: Out of memory.
 Possible resolution: Increase memory resources for the step.

I am using GKE AutoPilot clusters that scales up the worker node based on the resources needed, so I’m not sure what I should do to mitigate this error. Any help?

hey @Kartik_Lunkad my guess is that you probably need to allocate more memory to the pipeline step, which runs inside a container. The default memory limit for each step is 500 mb, however, it is not uncommon for a step to require more memory especially for resource intensive tasks such as compiling code. You can increase memory allocated to a step in the pipeline editor (see below). Also make sure your kubernetes nodes have enough resources to run your commands.