Build step failing with no explanation - pull secrets maybe?

Hi There,

I’m just setting up drone for the first time with kubernetes via the official charts with helm3. I’ve got the server and runner working using a postgres database and connected to my GitHub account.

I’ve linked my first repo and the code successfully clones, but then fails at the first step with no explanation. This step is using a image from a private docker repo on I’ve loaded my docker secrets from ~/.docker/config.json and added them as an orgsecret.

I’ve then referenced these secrets as an image_pull_secrets in the pipeline.


kind: pipeline
type: kubernetes
name: test

   - name: display pipeline context
     image: lweehuizen-imb/tools
       - "echo DRONE_COMMIT = ${DRONE_COMMIT}"
  - dockerconfigjson

How do I go about debugging this? Is there some diagnostics I can turn on or get more details out of the kubernetes side?

Thanks for your help

Bump, any suggestions on how to debug this?