Build status shows in progress even after pipeline completes (Kubernetes integration with 1.0.0-rc4)


I’ve been doing testing with the new native Kubernetes integration with 1.0.0-rc3. I was noticing instances of builds that would show as “in progress” even after the pipeline completes.

In rc4’s release notes, I noticed there was a line item for a similar problem. I’m experiencing this issue, however, with single-pipeline builds. Additionally, upgrading to rc4 did not resolve the issue.

Let me know if there’s any information I could provide that may be of use.


I am unable to confirm the issue for single-pipeline builds in rc.4.

Since I cannot reproduce, I would need to see full debug logs from your server (prefixed with manager: in the message field) for the specific build and stage, as well as all logs from the job to get a better picture of what might be happening. A sample yaml would also be helpful.

Hi @bradrydzewski,

Sorry for the late reply! I wanted to close the loop on this - ever since enabling debug logging on my Drone server, I have not been able to reproduce the issue after some 20 or so runs; previously, I noticed this was occurring every few runs. I’m guessing there was some sort of transient issue that I was unaware of. Weird. I’ll keep you posted in case the issue recurs.

Thanks again!