Build status is not updated on the GitHub side after the CI pipeline execution

We could get into an issue where we would execute a CI pipeline via a PR trigger however you would either not see any build status in the GitHub side or you may see only one status when the build started but it would stay pending forever even though the build execution has been completed successfully.

There will be delegate tasks created for sending the build status back to GitHub while the build pipeline is running. To get more details about these tasks you can check the delegate log by reffering the doc and in delegate log you can search for the "send status for github".

We might see the below error in the delegate log while sending the PR status back to GitHub.

Failed to send status for github url https://xxxxx/api/v3/ and sha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx error {“message”:“Validation Failed”,“errors”:[{“resource”:“Status”,“code”:“custom”,“field”:“description”,“message”:“description is too long (maximum is 140 characters)”}],“documentation_url”:“Repositories - GitHub Enterprise Server 3.6 Docs”}, message

This is due to the fact that you are hitting the 140 characters limit in the git status description which is coming from github side. To avoid getting into this issue, we can try to reduce the characters in the pipeline/stage identifier as these are the contributers to the size of the git status message.

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