Build from source without downloading binaries


I run a Debian server (it’s Debian stable, but with golang 1.10, backported from Debian testing), and would like to install drone. I was wondering if there is a not too complex way to build drone from source without downloading binaries (except for .deb files coming from I would not like to get the docker image – and the instructions wihin the BUILDING file recommend running “go get” which, as I understand, will install binaries on the system.

Thank you!

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go get will download and compile the project dependencies and generate .a files (archive files) in $GOPATH/pkg/linux_amd64. Under some circumstances it could generate executables which would be placed in $GOPATH/bin. I would not consider these binaries installed, since they are not placed in /bin/ or /usr/local/bin and everything can be removed with rm -rf $GOPATH/bin