Build failing - server/template/template.go:18 - MustAsset is not defined


As you said on github, i’m opening a topic here before opening an issue…

On master~89607232bcf21e18b7785d782839c3eafd1c5bb1, with go 1.7.5 on linux/amd64, I cannot build drone without removing MustAsset() from server/template/template.go.

It builds and the binary runs, but I cannot tell if it will work properly. The “fix” is:

./server/template/template.go:18: src := MustAsset(path)


./server/template/template.go:18: src := path

First make sure you follow the build instructions here, which including make deps gen to generate the files required to compile your code:

Second make sure you do not have old version of go-bindata or go-bindata-assetfs. Also make sure you do not have old copies of these binaries in your PATH.

Please note there are no known issues building Drone. The last build from 2 hours ago executed inside a vanilla golang image was successful. If there were build errors this would have failed.

Yes i’m sorry, it was all because of $PATH not set to $GOPATH/bin/

My i suggest you to add that into the readme?