Build considered failed even when steps suceed


I’m wondering how to understand this: My individual steps are successful, but the overall response is failed. in my pipeline, I pull a local docker image, build some code, and then push it to a local registry, using the plugins/docker extension.

When i comment out the build step, the pipeline succeeds. docker log of the server, runner and registry does not seem to suggest anything wrong ( after all, the steps are successful ). Can confirm that a local drone exec completes, and the built image is pushed successfully to the local registry.

Currently using latest docker images for the server and runner.

I had a similar problem on my project. But, in addition to the build considered as failed, the logs just disappeared on the GUI console log after the build. I just had a black console. So i don’t know if it is the same problem as me but the root cause was my Nginx server which is in front of Drone CI. Do you have so ? (or some other web server like apache).

The cause was the size limitation of the request (default 1m) with the client_max_body_size option. In my nginx server configuration, i’ve informed :

client_max_body_size 200m

I suspect an error while getting the request and the whole build is considered as failed ? But i didn’t get it completely, it just worked actually.

thats very interesting. I opted for a more “hacky” approach of using localtunnel to expose my drone server to the internet, so I am unable to configure this. i might try out using nginx if I move towards using a proper domain. Thank you !