Build-changelog-tag-push-release patterns

I’m trying to streamline the release process of my project and wondering whether some common utilities & patterns have emerged in drone community. In rough terms, what I’m aiming for is after commit/merge to main/master branch is done,

  • changelog should be updated
  • git tag is created
  • changes+created tag are pushed to repo
  • language-specific binary release is made (think pushing to maven repo for java, or pypi for python)
  • github release is created

common patterns in the Drone community exists and are typically represented as plugins, which are essentially re-usable pipeline steps. you can learn more about plugins here:

and you can find many plugins here:

not all plugins are registered with the above website, so you can also try searching google or github. I am aware of plugins at the above website that do some of the things you mention, but others may require searching (or creation if they don’t already exist)

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