Build after pushing multiple commits at once

After migration from GitHub to a private GitLab instance I noticed the following changed behavior in Drone:

From time to time I author multiple commits in the repository without pushing them to GitLab immediately. When later on a push a collection of several commits to GitLab the Drone build gets triggered. In that case Drone is building the correct (last) commit, but it shows the title of the first commit.

So on the one hand it is confusing because it seems that it’s something old that gets built, on the other hand what gets build is not represented by the title of that build.

I had the same workflow with GitHub before and there Drone correctly used the title of the newest commit.

the commit details are extracted from the webhook, which is parsed here: We accept pull requests for this repository if you are interested in investigating further.

Okay, thanks for the pointer. I’ll see what I can do …