Bug with environment variables of trigger downstream plugin

I am triggering my integration test pipeline after docker image build for one of the repos and using downstream trigger plugin for that.

this is my log for trigger step

  with params:
4s6  - TRIGGERED_BY_REPO: repo-name
4s7  - TRIGGERED_BY_TAG: test-tag-999

but the variable TRIGGERED_BY_TAG is set as “latest” in my integration test pipeline. I had previous build with value “latest” for the same variable so I suspect there is some kind of caching.

@moderators Is someone watching this issue? Any help will be appreciated.

I’m having this issue as well so any help would be appreciated

@moderators also reproducible after upgrading to 2.4 version (on old 1.2.1 was working as expected)

upd: in my case adding code fragment below helped. With this workaround environment variables are always correct

      deploy: dev
      last_successful: true

@moderators I would suggest to move this to Bugs section since this much people have the same issue. Please, take a look at this issue.


i think is the same issue: Issue with params using downstream plugin