Broken readinessProbe and Missing Delegate in Workflow step

I installed the bash delegate on my Mac and the K8s delegate on minikube successfully as shown below.

For some reason, both delegates are not visible when I try to create a new ShellScript step in a workflow. Am I missing a step? I am trying this out for the first time.

*Using a link as I am not allowed to add >1 images. *
Blank Delegate

Secondly, I intend to clone a private GitHub repo when I get past the first phase, how do I do pass the repo credentials in a secure manner?

Lastly, your readinessProbe in the k8s manifest is broken:

k describe po  koazgk-0
  Type     Reason     Age                From               Message
  ----     ------     ----               ----               -------
  Normal   Scheduled  <unknown>          default-scheduler  Successfully assigned harness-delegate/k8s-koazgk-0 to minikube
  Normal   Pulling    2m4s               kubelet, minikube  Pulling image "harness/delegate:latest"
  Normal   Pulled     2m3s               kubelet, minikube  Successfully pulled image "harness/delegate:latest"
  Normal   Created    2m3s               kubelet, minikube  Created container harness-delegate-instance
  Normal   Started    2m3s               kubelet, minikube  Started container harness-delegate-instance
  Warning  Unhealthy  5s (x10 over 95s)  kubelet, minikube  Readiness probe failed:

test -s delegate.log does nothing, as the file does actually exist when I exec into the pod. I had to remove the probe to get it working.

        #  exec:
        #    command:
        #      - test
         #      - -s
         #     - delegate.log
         # initialDelaySeconds: 20
          #periodSeconds: 10, Welcome to the Harness Community!

For sensitive credentials, can leverage the Secrets Manager.

For GitHub probably using SSH Keys to connect?

That is an odd one for the Readiness Prob, I sent that across if we made any changes of late, I was using Amazon EKS today with no issues.

Did you make any tunings to the limits in the Harness Delegate to install into Minikube?


Not sure if Minukube was being exhausted of resources at some point.



thanks @ravi.lachhman, would you know why the delegate is not enlisted? that’s my main pain point.

Yes, I modified the resource limit to 4Gi, the minikube VM has 5GB in total so I don’t think it’s a resource issue.

Hmm interesting, I gave my Minikube 8gb and limited to 4gb. Came up fine. I updated
to the latest Minikube [1.11]

Also added K8s Cluster

What type of app are you creating?

Can you try adding a Tag to the Delegate Selector in the Setup > Manage Harness Delegates page and then add it the tag to the bottom of the Delegate Card? Then, when you add the shell script, the selector should show up there.


thank you @sneakyaneurysm. The tags resolved it.

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Sweet! @sneakyaneurysm is quite sneaky. heads up we use an Ubuntu Base Image for the Delegate if you are running any shell scripts.