Break-up/split drone.yml file

We would need to know, if it is already possible to use broken-up/split .drone.yml file.

Our staged deployment is getting very large (in number of lines) and we also have shared responsibility of two teams editing parts of the file.

So ideally we need multiple yml files referenced back to the .drone.yml file.

Work arounds are welcome as well.


The next major Drone release will support sourcing the yaml file from a plugin. Drone will make an API request to your plugin, at which point the plugin is responsible for returning a valid Yaml file back to Drone. This means you could create a plugin that dynamically assembles your Yaml from multiple pieces.

So the answer to your question is, yes, it will be possible, but since it is not something we are going to support natively in Drone it means you will need to write a plugin, or wait until someone else writes a plugin.

If interested, here is a starter plugin that you can view as an example:


Hi Brad,

I am excited what I read! When about can we expect the major release with the native functionality to support such plugins?

Many thanks for such a quick response.


This feature is usefully. how we can try this feature?

this is already available at Configuration Extension | Drone and Conversion Extension | Drone