not works in slack plugin


After we upgrade Drone version from 0.8 to 1.1.0, we find out the slack plugin did not show {{}} from notification message anymore, does anyone facing the same issue before?

  - name: notify
    image: plugins/slack
        from_secret: slack_webhook
      channel: team-build
      link_names: true
      template: >
        {{#success build.status}}
          [{{}}] [{{build.branch}}] [{{build.number}}] Succeeded by {{}}
          [{{}}] [{{build.branch}}] [{{build.number}}] Failed by {{}}
          Please visit {{}} for more details.
      status: [ success, failure ]


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I have same issue at the moment. not working anymore.

If i only display {{build}} into slack, i got this:

{ push %!s(int=18) commit id refs/heads/master master commit message
success link_url %!s(int64=1560516691) %!s(int64=1560516690)} rest of the message

But something curious is, the {{}} will show up in Slack for very rare time, even rebuild with same branch and commit id

This is due to bitbucket deprecating ‘username’ from their APIs in favour of AccountID/UUIDs, which aren’t anywhere near as friendly…