Blank pages for repository templates and secrets

I am self-hosting Drone ( ) in my Kubernetes deployment and connecting it to a self-hosted Gitea ( ) instance. I am able to onboard repositories and trigger builds, and webhooks work just fine.

I noticed on the settings page that I can only access General/Secrets/Cron Jobs and Badges, but can’t load the Secrets/Templates pages that are under the Organization heading. When I do that, the page renders as empty.

I noticed that when that happens, a GET call goes out to https://${MY_DRONE_URL}/api/secrets/${MY_ORG_NAME} and it returns a 401 status. The response is simply


I don’t see anything in the container logs when this happens.

It would be great if someone could offer a suggestion on how I could investigate this.


Hi @rombert your scenario sounds very similar to this thread - 401 trying to access organization secrets/templates (gitea)

Hopefully this is helpful :slight_smile:

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@d1wilko - that is exactly my problem, thank you!