Black Duck Hub - Activate Scenario

Suggested Reading: What is a Scenario?

Black Duck Hub is a commercial tool and therefore a valid license is necessary to activate its Scenario.

Tool Specific Permissions

  • The credentials for the Black Duck server needs to have at the minimum the following roles:
    • For data loads: “System Administrator” and “Global Project Viewer”
    • For orchestrated scans: all of the roles

IMPORTANT - The application project you want to scan should be fully built (if applicable). Scanning an application without first building it will result in partial or no output.

Activate Black Duck Scenario

  1. Login to the web UI and then go to znADM > Scenarios .
  2. Locate the Black Duck Hub Scenario tile.
  3. Click on the + Add Scenario button to the bottom right of the tile.
  4. Select the Scenario Configuration “blackduckhub-default”.

Items in bold are required.

  • Name (see our Scenario Name Recommendations)
  • For the Blackduckhub Hostname field, enter the host name (or IP address) for the Black Duck Hub server. This should be in the form like “”. ZeroNorth will assume HTTPS and port 443.
  • Select Authentication Option of “API Key” or “Username/Password”.
  • Select the API Version of the list of supported version.
  • Enter the Black Duck Hub credential, either the API Key or API username and API password depending on your selection above.


  • Scenario will become available as a drop down when creating a Policy
  • Scenario Tile will change from “inactive” to “active”