Bitbucket webhook


I would like to open another issue I am facing with as a completely new Drone user who gets Drone install from the previous guy.

As I described in my previous topic, the guy who configured Drone and Bitbucket is gone and his Bitbucket access was removed.

In the Bitbucket repository is configured a Webhook to drone (mydrone.tld/hook?secret=XXXYYY) which should be called after merged pull request (+ some more actions which are defined in webhook config). The problem now is, that webhook either was not executed by Bitbucket or it’s not working properly on Drone side.

I am wondering what is the “secret” value and where is this configured on the Drone server? Maybe, the secret configured in the Bitbucket webhook URL is not corresponding with Drone configuration? I cannot find relevant information about this Drone hook feature. I just found but I am not sure if its exactly what I am solving now? There isn’t any mention about the hook?secret endpoint in the drone. I am confused.

Thanks for your help!