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Hi David,

Thanks for contacting Atlassian Support!
The issue you have reported is not under our support scope. Regarding the error that you are seeing, it seems like there is an authentication issue. Could you try referring to the OAuth signature rejected.

However, we are able to suggest you to Atlassian Answer forum page. At this page, you be able to look for your solution or simply ask your question and the Atlassian members will answer your questions. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Hope this helps!

The Atlassian DevTools Team.

The links refers again to problems @josmo and @bradrydzewski have already mentioned.

@davidak since @josmo and @appleboy are unable to reproduce the issue, and since Stash setup seems a bit non-intuitive and flaky, perhaps the path forward is for you to dig into the code and contribute back to the community an implementation that works with your Stash setup. If you are unable to personally contribute, you could ask your employer to sponsor development in this area, which would result in Stash integration and compatibility being prioritized.

It is unfortunate, as a paid product, that Atlassian is unwilling to help you further. But as an open source project with unpaid community support, I think we’ve taken this as far as we can.

totally understandable, thank you very much!

@josmo i talked to my employer and there is no problem to pay for half an hour investigation, we only need an invoice.

right now i configured it with github what worked directly, so i can use it in one project. then it is probaply easier to justify the need for us. :slight_smile: for the future it would be great if we can get it to work with bitbucket. i would contact you then.

for the future it would be great if we can get it to work with bitbucket. i would contact you then.

@davidak great, If this is something you guys want to sponsor in the future let me know. The hope is to create a sponsor program modeled after the luajit project (see which has been quite successful in funding development.

I don’t want to give the wrong impression that you need to fund support (I certainly appreciate the offer). We are happy to help when and how we can, no strings attached. Sometimes there is just too much for one dedicated person to do, which is why in this case I think a sponsorship or dedicated contributor is needed to help make Bitbucket Server a first class citizen.

In the meantime, I’m glad you were able to get it working with GitHub :slight_smile:

@davidak What time zone you in? I can probably setup a time to screen share and look at it. I usually use screenhero but I’m not sure if there’s linux support on it. I don’t have teamviewer and I think it costs so maybe hangouts would be a good way to go.

I’m from germany, so timezone is CET (UTC + 1).

Screenhero supports both Windows and Mac.

I asked for Linux support since it looks really good.

Teamviewer is free for private users and as trial for business. But we might have a license.

ok I’m on PST so I’m 9 hours behind you. I could do tomorrow morning (evening for you). Feel free to hit me up on gitter “@josmo”. I signed up for teamview so we can figure the details out

currently it works with github so i can make progress with our project. i would contact you when we can change again. maybe in 2 weeks…

Hi can you refresh this link I get error " Page Not Found". I need to configure Bitbucker server with drone.

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See the latest version

Hi ,
Thenk you for your fast replay. I have trouble with solving this step " Create an OAuth Application" in instalation guide, because I use Bitbucket server. If you have any useful info I will me more then gratefull to you ??