Bitbucket Enterprise - Add Integration

Suggested Reading: What is an Integration?

Adding a Bitbucket Enterprise Integration allows you to do the following with your private Bitbucket Enterprise server:

  • Auto-discover repositories
  • Auto-create Targets from the discovered repositories
  • Submit the repositories for ZeroNorth-orchestrated scan


  • ZeroNorth platform license and credentials.
  • Valid license and credentials for the Bitbucket Enterprise server. You will need to obtain a Bitbucket Enterprise username and password to configure ZeroNorth for the API access.
  • A Docker environment with the ZeroNorth Integration Orchestrator configured and running.
  • The ZeroNorth Integration Orchestrator Docker image has network connectivity to the Bitbucket Enterprise server’s web API.
  • Your Bitbucket Enterprise server, if using TLS/SSL, presents a valid, trusted CA root certificate.


The basic steps for working with your Bitbucket Enterprise server are as follow:

  • Ensure that the ZeroNorth Integration Orchestrator is configured and running. It must be running on a host that has access to they Bitbucket Enterprise server (“BBE”) via the BBE Web API.
  • With the ZeroNorth Integration Orchestrator running, add a Bitbucket Enterprise Integration in the ZeroNorth UI.
  • “Discover” the repositories.
  • Optionally convert the repositories to Targets.

The following sections describe the above steps in detail.

Install, Configure, and Run the ZeroNorth Integration Orchestrator

The ZeroNorth Integration Orchestrator is a Docker image that runs in your environment. It acts as a remote node for the ZeroNorth platform, making it possible to access internal resources such as repositories, web applications, scanning services, etc. that would normally be out of reach for the cloud-based ZeroNorth platform. The ZeroNorth Integration Orchestrator only makes outbound connections to the ZeroNorth cloud platform.

Follow the instructions in the article " ZeroNorth Integration-Orchestrator (an on-prem option) " to install, configure, and then run the ZeroNorth Integration Orchestrator.

Add a new Integration for the Bitbucket Enterprise Server

Sign in to the ZeroNorth UI at , and then:

  1. Go to znADM > Integrations.
  2. Click +Add Integration .
  3. Enter a Name .
  4. Set Initiate Scan From to “Customer’s Environment”.
  5. Set Type to “Bitbucket”.
  6. Set Hosting Option to “Bitbucket Enterprise”.
  7. For the Bitbucket Enterprise URL , enter the URL to the BBE server. For example, “”.
  8. Enter your Username (not the email address).
  9. Enter your Password or your Personal Access Token .
  10. Click Create Integration .

The new Integration can now be used to discover repos and to add Targets with.