BitBucket Drone Build Not Happening

I have inherited a few BitBucket repositories that use Drone for building Docker images in AWS ECR. The person who created this setup has left the company and left very little documentation. I created an approved Pull Request in BitBucket, but no build happens. Here is what BitBucket shows:

Drone doesn’t seem to see this trigger, judging by the output of the “drone build ls” command being a build from 6 months ago.

Here is the last line from the drone log:

$ docker container logs a8aef2583942
{"commit":"785274a6c3a17ca2a8dadfac43bff3d732eb3106","error":"","event":"push","level":"warning","msg":"trigger: cannot find yaml","ref":"refs/heads/main","repo":"compucomtechservices/infra-container-imagebuilder","time":"2021-08-25T18:33:12Z"}

I admit to being a novice with Drone and I am not really sure what information would be helpful to diagnose this issue. Kind regards.

Please see the following thread which is dedicated to helping you triage issues where build are not executing as expected.

If you are still unable to resolve the problem please see the Still Having Issues section at the bottom of the thread, which describes a list of required details that we would need to provide further assistance.

I think the cause of my build problem is described in your linked document under the “Does the yaml file exist?” section where it says, “The second most common root cause for this issue is the user that enabled the repository had their access to the repository revoked. Drone makes the API request to fetch the yaml on the behalf of this user. If the user cannot access the repository, neither can Drone. You can resolve this issue by de-activating and re-activating the repository using an account that has the appropriate access levels.”

My question is how is a repository de-activated and re-activated? I have searched and all I find is how to delete a repository.

I wonder if “de-activating and re-activating the repository” means resetting the Oauth configuration?


you would navigate to the repository settings screen in drone, and there you will find a disable button

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Thanks, this has fixed my build problem.