Bitbucket Cloud docs need an update

This is my first day of trying to setup, so I have some feedback on the current state of the docs

  • Firstly, there seems no way to just start with the cloud version of unless you are using github. To set up any other provider needs you (as far as I can tell) to understand the platform well enough to use the API or CLI, neither of which provide any real examples.

As for the Server set up docks I came across the following issues

  • The example ‘Add OAuth’ screenshot is out of date and so is missing a number of entries. The main issue being that the example shows enabling read access to ‘Team membership’ permission, this may (or may not) now be the ‘Workspace membership’ permission.

  • There is a section titled “Enabling two-factor authentication”, but no indication where to find this within the Bitbucket environment. The fact that I have got to the point of listing repositories may mean that this part of the process is no longer needed.

  • The docker run command has DRONE_SERVER_PROTO set to ‘https’ as this is not going to work unless ssl/acme are also configured it should be set to ‘http’. Otherwise you need to at least include "–env=DRONE_TLS_AUTOCERT=true " in the example.

  • The example provides no detail on how to set up any level of security on the server - rather a basic need, as the server must enable two communications with the cloud based bitbucket server.

It would also be worth noting across much of the documentation that the cloud version of is unable to support the ‘Trusted’ container setting, and what that limits - such as container based builds.

I hope that the above will at least save the next person trying to do such a setup a little time.