[Bitbucket Auth] Login issue

Hello, community!

Some of our users report this issue on login:

This endpoint has been removed. See our documentation for more information. https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/bitbucket/rest/api-group-teams/

Droner server: v2.7.2
Git Server: Bitbucket Cloud

Same problem here. Great strategy from Atlassian to rollout some breaking xmas gifts right before holidays.

Current workaround: Tell your developers to go home into holidays. Merry christmas :smile:

And a fu*king New Year :slight_smile:

But seriously, @admins, we need a fix ASAP :slight_smile: If it possible :slight_smile:

Hey @yury.komarov

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, looking into the issue and hope to have a fix out shortly.

hey @eoinmcafee00

thank you! and have a Happy New Year!

@eoinmcafee00 thanks, we are waiting for your PR fix broken auth on bitbucket due to teams api being deprecated by eoinmcafee00 · Pull Request #137 · drone/go-scm · GitHub

Hey All,

I’ve released the fix Release v2.7.3 · harness/drone · GitHub

Please let me know if there are any issues


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@eoinmcafee00 thanks
will test in 10 minutes

After a short smoke test it seems this fix is working.