Billing data discrepancy in Harness CE and GCP console

Harness Continuous Efficiency (CE) is a Harness cloud cost management solution that provides engineers and DevOps granular detail of their resource consumption hourly. CE is designed to bring cloud cost analysis and management into the hands of the engineers consuming cloud resources. Harness CE (Continuous Efficiency) is a cost management platform which integrates with your GCP account and organization, via an IAM role to get the billing data in all you child accounts for the org.

CE displays data for all your GCP products (such as Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and so on), projects, SKUs, location, and labels and also provides details on:

  • GCP cloud cost spending trends
  • The GCP products costing the most in a selected time range. For example, how much Compute Engine cost last week
  • Primary cost contributor, such as, product, project, SKUs, or region
  • GCP spending by region, such as, us-west1 or us-east4

Discrepancy in cost shown in Harness CE and CP console may occur sometimes. This can be due to a few factors such as:

1. Discounts Applied
You may have some specific resource based or cluster based discounts which your Org may have negotiated with Google. These discount are not always immediately available to harness to apply on the total costing

make sure this check box is checked.

2. Timezone difference

The timezone difference in which you are observing the harness CE dashboard and the GCP console may give you the discrepancy in that particular time.For example if you are based in the PST timezone, In the harness dashboard cost data is will be based on UTC dates, but the GCP console shows in the PST timezone. So there might be some discrepancy there.

3. Difference in sync times

One thing to note is that, GCP will update data multiple times in a day in the billing console and harness sync every 24 hrs so there might be some discrepancy in the last few days data that gets resolved in the next sync. This can lead to observing some cost discrepancy. To rule this out please make sure you are comparing the costs during the same period and same timezone.