Best Steps to Upgrade OverOps Environments

This article explains the proper procedure for upgrading any OverOps environment.

  1. Stop the agent(s).

  2. Stop the collector(s).

  3. Upgrade the collector(s).

  4. Start the collector(s). Check to make sure the collector(s) is up and connecting to the Service ID based on the installation.key file or configured to for MEC.

  5. Upgrade the agent(s).

  6. Start the agent(s).

  7. Verify that the agent(s) is connecting to the collector from the dashboard.

Some files to backup in the takipi directory prior to upgrade:

  • For agent, backup the file.

  • For collector, backup the, installation.key, and/or the installation.token (for MEC) files.

Important note:

After upgrading the agent and collector, if there are any issues with the agent not being able to report its findings to the collector, one simple task is to stop the collector and agent, clean the /work directory inside the collector, start the collector, followed by the agent. This should clean out any data lingering from the previous version that is no longer recognized by the newer collector.

For On-Prem Users:

Proceed to upgrade the backend first after stopping the collector and agent. The above steps are also valid after the backend upgrade is complete.

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