Best-Practice - Setting up your views in OverOps - Application Views

What is it?

If Application naming was done properly when setting up Naming Conventions, OverOps will automatically create views for these applications. These are called automatic application views.

Why use it?

  • Having application names set will allow logical grouping of events into the applications that emitted them.
  • Notification routing can be easily setup for the teams that manage these applications

How to enable?

  • Recommended approach!
    If the “Application Name” is properly setup on the agent during the naming conventions setup then you can setup OverOps to create the view automatically.
    • This feature is available by default if initially setup with Version 4.28.0 and newer.
      If system was initially setup prior to Version 4.28.0 please enable this feature.
      Administrator privileges required.


  • One click access to events that have specific meaning for application owners and developers
  • Noise reduction by notifying only for events from specific applications


  • None