Best Practice - My Tiny Links point to an incorrect URL / Log Sinks

Often times, the tiny link pointing to an incorrect URL could be the result of a LOG SINK. To demonstrate this, lets take a simple example. Note that this example is very technical in nature and involves diving into the stack trace.

A Shopping Cart application uses a custom logger/exception handler that provides wrapper API like

com.shoppingcart.log.LOG.WARN etc

Lets also assume that the application has a common entry point


Now, lets consider 2 separate log.ERRORs that occur within 2 separate modules within this application.

  1. Lets assume the first log ERROR occurs in the billing module (com.shoppingcart.billing)
  2. The second log ERROR occurs in the payment application module (com.shoppingcart.payment)

In this example, since both the modules are different, we expect 2 separate log events and 2 separate tiny link entries. However, since the entry point (Login.doValidate) and error location (log wrapper API) are the same, OverOps will de-duplicate them into the same entry. So, both these issues could point to the same tiny link.

To avoid this - simply add the wrapper class (in this example com.shoppingcart.log.*) to the list of Third Party blacklisted classes. That should solve the problem by changing the error location to the billing and payment modules respectively.

Its very important to note that I tried to oversimplify OverOps de-duplication behavior.
The above example is not 100% accurate description of OverOps de-duplication - there are a few nuances but for purposes of this best practice, this example will suffice.

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