Best devops deployment for AWS? ASG, SPOT usage, etc

Ideally I want to hookup oauth2, integrate with gitea, have it run jobs in ephemeral spot instances that get thrown away whenever (perhaps when done), some monitoring through cloudwatch or ELB, HA, RDS multi-az.

Did anyone write terraform/ansible, cloudformation or whatever to launch their production-ish ready platform? what’s out there for automating deployments that people think is good and mature?

We also have openshift (kubernetes) in our environment. So if there were kube templates and docker images to deploy to kubernetes in a nice way, with ephemeral jobs. that would be great

For automatically scaling instances we have this:

It is not able to manage spot instances yet, but that is planned for a future release. In the meantime you can still get a good amount of cost savings with autoscaling.