Azure Repos - Add Integration

Suggested Reading: What is an Integration?


An Azure Repositories Integration to an organization’s private Azure DevOps account can be utilized discover repositories in that account and to clone code for ZeroNorth-orchestrated scanning.

Steps for Creating an Azure Repositories Integration

Go to zn ADM > Integrations and then click +Add Integration . You will be presented with a panel like this

  1. Enter a Name and a Description
  2. Select Azure Repo as the Type .
  3. For Initiate Scan From , select one of:
  • ZeroNorth Platform - the scan will be performed within the ZeroNorth SaaS platform
  • Customer’s Environment - the scan will be performed within the customer’s environment (a.k.a. “onprem”, THIS MODALITY IS NOT YET SUPPORTED).
  1. Enter your Azure DevOps Organization name .
  2. Enter our Azure DevOps Personal Access Token (PAT). The PAT you use must have the following minimum access:
  • For clone/scan - Code: Read
  • For discovery as well as clone/scan - Code: Read, Tokens: Read & Manage. For example:
  1. Click Create Integration .

Repo Discovery

ZeroNorth can discovery your existing Azure Repositories. For this function to work, you will need to ensure that your PAT has the Tokens: Read & Manage permissions. In the screen you are directed to after the Integration is created click Discover :

ZeroNorth will inventory your repositories provide a list. The list of discovered repositories provides a convenient picklist when creating Targets for this Integration.