AWS ECS with ALB and RDS Cannot initialize server - pq: syntax error at or near \"NOT\"

Currently, deploying drone server (1.0.1) into ECS (EC2 LaunchType) using AWS ALB. The server couldn’t pass the healthcheck (/healthz and /version) with main: cannot initialize server [31merror[0m="pq: syntax error at or near \"NOT\"" which I’m guessing is a postgre issue or not. I’m referencing this sample deployment - Anyone encountered such error can provide some insight.

Drone 1.1 is the latest stable version of Drone and should be used instead of 1.0.1 which may lack important updates and fixes. Note that uses Postgres RDS and we are not experiencing any initialization errors as described above with the latest stable release.

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Thanks. Appreciate your quick response. Redeploying using version 1.1, will provide outcomes of the changes.

Same issue persist with e[31mFATAe[0m[0000] main: cannot initialize server e[31merrore[0m="pq: syntax error at or near \"NOT\""

sorry, unfortunately I cannot reproduce in our Postgres environment. In this case, since I cannot reproduce and since we are not receiving similar reports from our community members, we would ask that you try to identify the issue and submit a pull request to

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