AWS - Connect to an artifact repository: no S3?

Running through the setup guide, and am stuck on option 3:

Connect to an artifact repository

2 problems:

  1. It takes me to a page titled artifact servers?
  2. There is no option to choose S3.

My delegate is the script run on an EC2 with all the IAM roles including s3 read as per:

Try setting it up from the application setup instead.

Navigate to SetupYour AppServices and then in your service, you can add an Artifact Source at the top:

The available options will vary depending on the deployment type of the service.

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I don’t have an app.

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You might need to skip that step and come back to it later then once the app’s created. For S3 artifacts it’ll work this way, but if you were using a repository like Docker then you’d need set it up in the artifact servers page you found.

(Do you have a link to the setup guide you’re using?)

The setup guide is the blue button that pops up at the bottom left of the screen.


This one was a bit confusing for me at first.

The Setup > Connectors section of Harness is strictly 3rd party integrations. This would be things like Docker Hub, Artifactory, DataDog, Prometheus, Solunk, ELK, Git Repos, Jira, and ServiceNow. Once those are setup, you can leverage them in either in Services, Environments, Workflows, Triggers, or Infrastructure Definitions.

For any integrations that are 1st party (AWS: S3, CloudWatch, ECS, etc. GCP: GCR, StackDriver, etc. Azure: ACR, AKV, etc.) those are added via the Setup > Cloud Providers section and granted via IAM roles and policies (check out this doc for those policies). When that is configured correctly, you’ll have access to those pieces in Services, Environments, Workflows, Triggers, or Infrastructure Definitions.

Hopefully that helps!

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Thanks for jumping in @domclealfa and @sneakyaneurysm!

Might help to understand what you are trying to do. Harness works off of
the following “Application” concepts: Create an Application - Docs

@sneakyaneurysm has a slick Severless walkthrough pushing to S3: