AWS cloudformation


Is there any documentation on how to use the AWS cloudformation on drone apart from AWS CloudFormation | Drone

Can someone help me with how to deploy cloudformation and aws lambda together under the same pipeline?



There are diffrent plugins for CloudFormation and lambda, so you can create two steps in the pipeline with using Coudformation plugin in first step and in later stage you can use lambda plugin.

Let us know if this is not what you are looking for and share your use case with more details.


Currently I am having a 2 step process as follows:

  • name: deploy-lambda
    image: omerxx/drone-lambda-plugin
    pull: true
    function_name: service-dev
    from_secret: DEPLOYMENT_BUCKET
    from_secret: DEV_AWS_DEFAULT_REGION
    from_secret: ACCESS_KEY
    from_secret: SECRET_KEY

    • s3-publish
  • name: deploy-aws
    image: robertstettner/drone-cloudformation
    stackname: service-dev
    template: template.yml
    APIDeploymentStage: dev

    • s3-publish
    • deploy-lambda

The deploy-lambda results in the following error:

latest: Pulling from omerxx/drone-lambda-plugin
2 Digest: sha256:9bb87d55fb04b0e1b55d35479ac62a4c165366a63cb3b3647ea611b7abc88616
3 Status: Image is up to date for omerxx/drone-lambda-plugin:latest
4 NoCredentialProviders: no valid providers in chain. Deprecated.
5 For verbose messaging see aws.Config.CredentialsChainVerboseErrors

Deploy-aws shows the following error:

latest: Pulling from robertstettner/drone-cloudformation
Digest: sha256:34cd0c1b8b8f74d84a5511ce278cdc64c535c7e8e48cc626dde1a6c622018817
Status: Image is up to date for robertstettner/drone-cloudformation:latest
Error: stackname not specified
at validateConfig (/plugin/plugin.js:111:15)
at hl.of.flatMap.envs (/plugin/plugin.js:124:26)
at /plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:2099:25
at Stream.s._send (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:1532:9)
at Stream.write (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:1633:18)
at Stream._send (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:959:26)
at Stream._readFromBuffer (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:1097:18)
at Stream._resume (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:1149:14)
at Stream._checkBackPressure (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:1076:10)
at Stream._resume (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:1157:33)
at Stream._checkBackPressure (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:1076:10)
at Stream._resume (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:1157:33)
at Stream.resume (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:1190:10)
at Stream.pull (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:1579:7)
at Stream._generator (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:3461:14)
at Stream._runGenerator (/plugin/node_modules/highland/lib/index.js:1328:10)

It would be really helpful if you can help me debug this. as I have all the secrets in place at repo level.

these errors come from the third party plugin (omerxx/drone-lambda-plugin) which means your best option is to contact the plugin authors for additional support. For example, open an issue at omerxx/drone-lambda-plugin.