Avoiding Common Errors while Using Harness-cd-community

It’s usually observed people quite commonly stumble upon 502 gateway error / Invalid credentials while using harness-cd-community.

502 Bad Gateway

The pods aren’t ready yet and all the deployments aren’t available

Why it happens and how to avoid it?
Once you run the command docker-compose up -d for docker based installation and helm install harness ./harness --create-namespace --namespace harness for helm based installation it takes little time for the pods to start running and deployments to get available. So make sure you run kubectl get pods -n harness , kubectl get deployments -n harness and get the following results of all the pods having status ‘Running’ and then go for the sign-up page.

kubectl get pods -n harness
NAME                               READY   STATUS    RESTARTS        AGE
delegate-proxy-69744d998b-dwctp    1/1     Running   0               15m
log-service-79cfbf468f-772jd       1/1     Running   0               15m
manager-64bb65cf55-jf64h           1/1     Running   0               15m
mongodb-replicaset-chart-0         1/1     Running   0               15m
ng-auth-ui-85f6578bfb-wgt94        1/1     Running   0               15m
ng-manager-cdbf5d96b-xgt7h         1/1     Running   1 (5m56s ago)   15m
ng-ui-5d78846bd4-2v5bb             1/1     Running   0               15m
pipeline-service-845ff745-rvhwj    1/1     Running   0               15m
platform-service-8777996bd-d2gq6   1/1     Running   0               15m
proxy-55757d588-mw69v              1/1     Running   0               15m
redis-69884c4485-tc2xl             1/1     Running   0               15m
scm-b9d997d8b-zf5vf                1/1     Running   0               15m
$ kubectl get deployments -n harness
delegate-proxy     1/1     1            1           17m
log-service        1/1     1            1           17m
manager            1/1     1            1           17m
ng-auth-ui         1/1     1            1           17m
ng-manager         1/1     1            1           17m
ng-ui              1/1     1            1           17m
pipeline-service   1/1     1            1           17m
platform-service   1/1     1            1           17m
proxy              1/1     1            1           17m
redis              1/1     1            1           17m
scm                1/1     1            1           17m

Note: Some times your pods might not be functioning properly and not able to start in that case use the troubleshooting mentioned here to understand the issue and feel free to drop questions on our community support.

Invalid Credentials

Wrong credentials or the admin user isn’t created yet using the sign-up page

At times you get redirected to sign-in page once you are done with installation, instead of the sign-up page so make sure you visit the http://localhost:7143/#/signup for helm based installation and http://localhost/#/signup for docker based installation to create the admin user to avoid getting invalid credentials on the sign-in page.

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