Autoscaling multiple architectures

I’m looking into adding some arm64 support to our existing drone infrastructure that is running amd64 agents. This is running in AWS if it matters.

Reviewing the documentation for the autoscaler there is no mention of how to configure multiple architecture platforms, or even how the autoscaler knows what architecture it is managing.

From some research, I found a single 2019 post from in google’s historic cache saying we just need to deploy multiple autoscalers - 1 per architecture we wish to scale. I’m fine with this as a solution, but need the following information:
1 - do I simple put different amazon AMIs in each autoscaler? IE: the arm64 autoscaler has " DRONE_AMAZON_IMAGE" set to an arm64 based ami, which the amd64 autoscaler has an amd64 image?
2 - can these autoscalers share the same postgres table, or does each need a seperate table?
3 - does the drone cli have support for multiple autoscalers beyond exporting different “DRONE_AUTOSCALER” envvars on my local machine based on which one I would like to operate on?

Thank you for the help!