Autoscaler: Scaling to zero?

First of all, I want to express my appreciation for the great work on both Drone itself and the Drone

I have set up drone as well as the autoscaler on a Hetzner Cloud node and configured the autoscaler with all necessary data. Also, I have set the minimum drone worker count to zero, as I don’t want to have any nodes around when no work has to be done.

The autoscaler provisioning itself appears to be working: I can create create and delete nodes through the drone CLI. The Hetzner servers are correctly created and initialized and queued jobs are run successfully as well.

But the autoscaler does not create or delete any servers automatically. It only does so when I manually tell it to via the CLI. I have scheduled multiple jobs while no drone workers were around and waited a few hours, and nothing has happened since. The jobs are still queued and the autoscaler didn’t seem to do anything in this time.

Any hints on how to continue from here and how to debug this?

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Any hints on how to continue from here and how to debug this?

the autoscaler has very detailed debug logs that can be analyzed. If you are seeking assistance debugging you should post your full logs and your configuration.

I had some issues when I told autoscaler to use debian image.
The only hetzner vars I set now are


Also just for testing and debugging, I set these vars