AutoScaler and environmental variables containing colons


Drone AutoScaler documentation states that environmental variables used to configure agent are defined as follows


What is the correct way to set environmental variables containing colons. Here is an example



You can pass Environment variable individually like

Or you can also use as mentioned in doc and let us know if you are facing any issue while using config map

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it seems that AutoScaler does not pass individual environmental variables to the agents. We tried to define e.g.DRONE_REGISTRY_PLUGIN_ENDPOINT environmental variable for the AutoScaler. After AutoScaler launched a new agent we connected to it using ssh. Environmental variable was not in place.

We spent a several hours with this and found that at least in our config the correct way to define environmental variables is foo=bar,baz=qux. The way described in official documentation (foo:bar,baz:qux) won’t work.