Async build steps?

I have a repo that deploys to multiple sites with only configuration and language changes for each site (job board software).

It would be neat if I could have 4 steps, where it’s building a docker image for each of the 4 sites, to run in parallel across multiple agents. Is this a possibility? Thanks.

see the following:

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Thanks, sorry I couldn’t find that on my own. Although it doesn’t actually work when your parallel steps involve docker builds. My guess is the docker daemon can only do one at a time. If you have any ideas around that, I’d appreciate it.

what are you using to build your images? docker:dind or are you sharing the socket? I don’t think it should matter if you run with dind

sharing the socket, running drone on kubernetes. I’ll have to look into that

This looks like a relevant issue to subscribe to with regards to a single docker daemon running parallel builds: