ARM64v8 Stuck in Pending

Hi, I’ve installed drone and drone-runner onto my Raspberry Pi cluster with this helm chart:
github . com /drone/charts

I’ve successfully configured it to:

  • Link to my private repos on Github
  • Be accessible at a public domain via an nginx reverse proxy (
  • Use an existing persistent volume for the sqlite database
  • Start a build when I push changes to a test branch in my GitHub repository

However the build gets stuck in “pending” status when triggered. I’ve checked the following:

  • .drone.yml has the OS set to Linux and Arch to arm64
  • drone-runner can connect to drone server per the drone-runner-kube logs
  • Reverse proxy should be forwarding all headers back to drone-server - may be missing something here idk.

I’ve noticed that:

  • The OS and Arch on the drone-runner-kube logs are blank

Logs and cofig files here:

If anyone knows where I should look next I would appreciate the direction greatly.
Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Hello jharmon96,

Thanks for sharing the logs, We can see below entry inside the logs:

{"commit":"2b10db5151de1eadd0595cc3b5bdf6c961a94c75","event":"pull_request","level":"info","msg":"trigger: **skipping pipeline, does not match branch**","pipeline":"default","ref":"refs/pull/54/head","repo":"Extended-ERP/extendederp","time":"2020-12-25T21:05:23Z"}

Looks like branch condition is evaluating to false, could you please review below doc and check after updating drone.yml file.