Arm32 Docker builds don't work with the docker plugin and images based on

(Not sure if this fits in the bug category, feel free to move)

It looks like it’s not possible to use the current version of the plugin to build docker images on arm 32 with the latest alpine: Building a docker image failes on arm with alpine 3.14 (#12764) · Issues · alpine / aports
The docker version in the drone docker plugin is 19.03.8 but 19.03.9 is required for Alpine 3.13, and 20.10 is required for Alpine 3.14.

The latest docker version is 20.10.7. The current 19.03.8 version used in the docker plugin is over a year old. I think it should at least use the newest 19.x version, pretty sure there’s other bugs in that version.

Would it possible to upgrade the dind of the docker plugin? I understand that you may want to keep the old version but IMHO that’s what tags should be used for. If there’s bugs for some users with the newer versions, they should use the old versions.
If there’s interest I could send a PR.

Maybe related to this PR.

the docker:dind image is broken for arm32 which is why we cannot upgrade. See

I see, thanks for clarifying.