ARM alpha does not load Gitea configuration


I’m trying to run Drone on a raspberry pi and was delighted to find you have started working on an ARM version. Problem is, it doesn’t seem to load the environment variables I pass in.

This is my run command:

docker run -d \
    --name drone-server \
    --restart always \
    --network nginx-proxy \
    --volume infra_drone:/var/lib/drone \
    --volume /var/lib/docker.sock:/var/lib/socker.sock:ro \
    --env "DRONE_HOST=$CI_HOST" \
    --env "DRONE_ADMIN=b12f" \
    --env "DRONE_GITEA=true" \
    --env "DRONE_GITEA_URL=https://${GIT_HOST}" \

And these are the logs:

  server: ""
  skipverify: false
{"level":"fatal","time":"2018-10-08T20:46:15Z","message":"Source code management system is not configured"}

I’m having the same problem for both alpha.1 and alpha.2.

Is anyone experiencing this? Is my config incorrect?

the installation and configuration parameters changed. There is no longer a parameter called DRONE_GITEA. See for the up-to-date installation instructions.

Thanks so much! I don’t know how you guys handle your documentation updates re. alpha versions, but you might wanna mention this here: