Are you happy for us to publish a docker image that contains the -nolimits flag?

We have a Docker image (below) that we are using for drone with Enterprise features, as we meet the requirements to use it for free.

Are you happy for us to put this image on a public repository? (say, Docker Hub)?

FROM golang:1.11.13
# See for general build instructions
# and for the required tag
# to enable enterprise mode

# Enable Go Modules

RUN git clone
WORKDIR ./drone
RUN go install
RUN go install
RUN go install -tags nolimit


ENTRYPOINT drone-server

Many thanks

Hi Matt,

If you plan to publicly distribute the Docker image please be sure to comply with the following:

  1. Ensure everyone who gets a copy of this software from you, in
    source code or any other form, gets the text of this license
    and the contributor and source code lines above.

We want to avoid a situation where someone uses an alternate image without understanding the rules of the license, which could lead to unintended license violations.


Is it therefore sufficient to put a copy of the Drone license at the top of the Dockerfile? We could also add one to the Overview tab on Docker Hub.