Archive / Delete a Target

Sometimes, it is necessary to archive / delete a Target that no longer represents your application portfolio. Also, it is sometimes desirable to archive / delete the Issues that are associated with the Target being archived / deleted. The ZeroNorth platform provides both options.

What does it mean to Archive / Delete?

In the ZeroNorth platform, the term “archive” and “delete” mean the same thing. Data is archived/deleted and cannot be brought back, except by contacting to make special arrangements. Even then, archived/deleted data may not be retrievable.

Before You Archive / Delete a Target

Check to see if you have objects that are dependent on the Target that you plan archive / delete. They could be one or more of:

  • Applications
  • Policies
  • Virtual Targets
  • Notifications - JIRA tickets

Be sure to either archive / delete the above objects or make the necessary adjustment to them. In the case of JIRA tickets that were auto-created by the Target, be aware that ZeroNorth will not be able to auto-close them once the Target is archived / deleted.

Archive / Delete a Target

  • Go to znOPS > Targets .
  • Locate the Target to be archived / deleted, clicking on Load more… near the top of the list as needed.
  • To the far right of the Target record, click on the red Archive button.
    • Select “Target only” to archive / delete the Target, keeping the Issues that are associated with the Target.
    • Select “Target w/ issues” to archive / delete the Target and all the Issues associated with the Target.
  • Confirm your choice to complete the action.

The action is immediate and not reversible. If you need to have the archived objects restored into your view, please contact .