API - Policies, Jobs, Events

When a Policy is triggered a Job is also created that captures and tracks whether the Policy completes successfully or not.

A Policy holds the definition of a scan. It describes what we are using to scan (i.e. which security scanning tool) and what we are scanning against (i.e. a Target).

A Policy is triggered by either

  • clicking the “Run Now” button in the UI
  • triggered within a customer’s build process
  • triggered by a calendar schedule set within the Policy .

Any of these options will all create a Job for the Policy .

Each Job has Events associated with it. You can view the Events for a specific Job by navigating to

  • znOPS > Policies
  • select a Policy
  • click on the PDF icon
  • click on “View Events”

The Events will appear. This list is helpful when troubleshooting a failure with a Policy .