API - How can I retrieve the event snapshot URL for the UI


I’m using the restful API to pull data for a custom report I’m generating.

I do have the event object from https://doc.overops.com/v4.30/reference#get_services-env-id-events-event-id

Is there a way I can get a URL to take someone back to your UI to look at it there?


To retrieve the Snapshot URL will need to use the


API to retrieve the actual snapshot.

The response will be the link to the latest ARC Snapshot if the timeframe is correctly set.
In the example below the from time to the “first_seen” is set to the date retrieved from the “Fetch_event_data” Api result.
You might or might not have to do that depending if data is available in that timeframe.

See example from my environment below:

Which returned https://app.overops.com/tale.html?event=UzM1NzM0IzI4MCMy&source=43

Below the ARC snapshot for that event.