Announcing: Drone EC2 Supervisor

Hi All,

I just wanted to shamelessly plug a little tool I built recently - Drone EC2 Supervisor.

This tool allows you to start or stop an EC2 Instance based on current Drone build queue activity. It differs from the Drone Autoscaler in that instead of dynamically creating a new EC2 Instance and then terminating it when there are no more queued builds, it instead only starts or stops an existing EC2 Instance.

The main benefit of this approach is that it allows you to use very high spec EC2 Instances (for example, I use this to supervise a c5.18xlarge instance) whilst keeping the costs of such an instance manageable because you only pay for it while it is actually running builds. In addition, because you’re using the same instance all the time, things like Docker Layer Caching become much easier to take advantage of.

I hope that this tool is useful to the Drone user community at large, and look forward to receiving feedback on it.

awesome! you should post to GitHub - drone/awesome-drone: A curated list of awesome Drone resources. :slight_smile: There is so much great Drone content out there, I would love to start getting it aggregated in a single place.

Great idea - done -