Allow to configure pipelines in multiple files

At the moment, Drone allows us to configure many pipelines in .drone.yml file. However, if you have set up, for example, 10 or more pipelines, then, due to the general “congestion” of .drone.yml file making even small changes will be a bit difficult.

As a solution, I would like to be able, for example, to describe the steps section in separate .yaml files and include them in .drone.yml.


kind: pipeline
type: docker
name: default
  - push
include: pipelines/default.yml


- name: greeting
  image: alpine
  - echo hello
  - echo world

So, the user will be able to divide into different files the sequence of execution of the pipeline and the settings of the pipeline itself

This is supported through extensions:

Here is an example extension that supports multiple yaml files:

One could also create a custom extension that supports include syntax.

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