Allow Drone to deploy Running Builds

To sum it up, would it be ok to remove Line 500 here and allow the drone deploy CLI to deploy a still running build?

Let me explain my use case:

I’d like to start using the “deployment” event so developers have a simple way for triggering a deployment manually. So far so good. But, in some cases, I’d like for the deployment to happen automatically.

Also I’d like to use the deployment API so I have access to the $DRONE_DEPLOY_TO variable, and can configure my deployments dynamically. That’s really important because I have some pipelines which deploy multiple applications to multiple environments, and without an “environment” variable I need to configure Nenvironmnets X Napplications deployment steps.

One solution I’ve come up with is to trigger a deployment event as part of the pipeline:

# just an example, didn't test it out with the drone/cli image specifically
  image: drone/cli
     - drone deploy fbcbarbosa/myrepo $DRONE_BUILD_NUMBER staging
    - DRONE_SERVER=foo
    - DRONE_TOKEN=bar
    event: push
    branch: master

# plugin to deploy on a DCOS cluster
  image: 'quintoandar/drone-marathon'
  server: 'http://my-dcos-cluster.$'
  marathonfile: $DRONE_DEPLOY_TO/marathon.yml
    event: deployment

However, I’m getting this error:

client error 500: cannot restart a build with status running

If I use “last” instead of $DRONE_BUILD_NUMBER, I’d get the previous build, which is not really what I’m aiming for here.

I assume the same could be achieved if we had a more advanced conditional logic (e.g. replay this deploy step with this particular set of environment variables), but given the current Drone capabilities this seems like the best option.