Agents not able to send exceptions to Backend due to ERR-3002 error on ARC screen

There may be an issue where users experience an issue when attempting to access an exception on the ARC screen resulting in getting the following error:

Here are the following instructions to resolve this issue:

  1. Stop the Collector

Usually sudo systemctl stop takipi from the collector machine
Make sure process is actually down by running ps -ef | grep takipi-service

  1. Wipe Collector data

From the Collector machine, go to Collector home dir (/opt/takipi e.g.)
Run ./etc/takipi-wipe-data (it may need a sudo)
Make sure we get “Successfully wiped collector’s data!”

  1. Stop the Backend

Go to server home (/opt/takipi-server e.g.)
Run ./bin/ stop
Make sure process is acutually down by running ps -ef | grep java

  1. Remove Backend cache directory

Go to server home (/opt/takipi-server e.g.)
Run rm -rf temp/*

  1. Change Backend classes nonce

Go to server home (/opt/takipi-server e.g.)
Edit by running vi conf/tomcat/shared/
Append the below lines to the file

  1. Start the Backend
  2. Start the Collector
  3. Wait for new events, then try to open them.

Events should start to come in and users will now be able to access their data from the ARC screen.