Agents can't talk to the same docker host internally

I’m not sure about this is related to traefik or drone itself.

I setup a docker registry through a traefik. It’s available at
Traefik adds https and auth to it. All is ok.
My drone server (and agents) moves from an external server to the same docker host than the docker registry.

I’m trying to push image using drone docker plugin is well resolved by agents (as external ip – well or not in fact?), but i have a good “no route to host” when trying to connect.
I already tried:

  • put a common network between the both (saw the DRONE_RUNNER_NETWORKS env) and call directly docker-registry. but directly I don’t have https and auth, and the call is made on https/443 port
  • with this I changed the call to http://docker-registry instead of docker-registry, same result

Any ideas?