Add pagination to builds list

When looking at the build history list, it only shows 49 builds, with no pagination for browsing older builds.

Adding pagination to quickly view older builds would be a nice feature, which I’d interested to see others opinions on.

There is an open issue for for this. The issue is not currently assigned or being worked on, so I recommend subscribing for updates.

A hard limit of 50 builds is very limiting. It is quite easy to go past 50 builds in no time.

One particular issue we’re having is that there is no way to deploy an older build unless you know it’s build number. We use drone-trigger ( to find builds and trigger deploys.

What I would like to propose is a potential API change that would bypass LIMIT 50 restriction and allow server-side filtering of builds that are returned.

There was a similar proposal here

I support adding pagination using query parameters like ?page=1. This allows you to paginate through the resultset and fetch more data as needed. The sql would look something like this:

LIMIT 50 OFFSET {page}

where {page} is the limit multiplied by the page number.